Safaritents NZ are proud to be the New Zealand and Australia distributors of these fabulous tents which have been at the forefront of the development of Glamping in the UK, Europe and the US for nearly ten years.


Safaritents NZ can create an entire safari camp or just sell an individual tent, specified to whatever degree of simplicity or luxury you require.


Our safari tents and lodges can come fully fitted with interior walls and furnishings including high quality bedding, furniture, kitchen joinery, etc.


Each order can be manufactured bespoke to your own requirements. The interior specification of the tent is entirely up to you. Dishwashers and hot tubs are all possibilities!

IMPORTANT NOTE. At Safaritents NZ we are offering a proven glamping product that has been tried and tested for years in European and North American climates, from the coast to the mountains.  Constant trial and error testing since 2009 has resulted in Safaritents NZ being able to offer tents manufactured to the very highest standards which last the test of time.


All of the tents are manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials from global market leaders in materials technology, including canvas from Holland and UV resistant PVC from Germany. The quality of our tents is second to none.

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