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  • What colours are available?
    The PVC roofs on our standard luxury canvas lodges are available in beige, green and brown. The inner tent canvas is available in white, green, beige and khaki. Please contact us should you like a sample.
  • Who designs your glamping tents?
    YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges are the manufacturer of the tents. They work closely with Ray Tensile Design who are specialists in the design and production of innovative tent structures, such as luxury glamping and restaurant tents.
  • Do you custom make the glamping tents?
    As with all our models, you have several options to choose from, such as the colour of the tent fabric and the roof, choice of interior, and even the size of the veranda, so you can put together your own unique canvas luxury lodge.
  • Where can we see a Safari Tent?
    To spend a night in one of our luxury canvas lodges go to We may also be able to arrange to view our tents at one of our customers' sites in Hawke's Bay. We regularly exibhit at Expos and Fieldays at Mystery Creek Hamilton
  • What is the price of a Safari Tent?
    The price depends on the model you choose, the materials, size and furnishings. Please contact us and we will send you our brochure and prepare a customised quotation for you when you have decided which tent suits your requirements.
  • What is included?
    You can order just the tent which you fit out yourself or you can opt for a fully fitted kitset interior with internal walls creating bedrooms, shower room and kitchen as well as furniture, fixtures and fittings (we do not supply white goods). The unfurnished package comprises the wooden frame, connectors, canvas inner tent and a UV resistant PVC roof.
  • What is not included?
    The deck / platform materials, construction, transport costs, any costs relating to the preparation of the land, the installation of a sewage system, water connection, plumbing and electricity are not included.
  • What happens after I place an order?
    Our account manager can help you choose the best tent lodge for your needs and provide you with the final order confirmation. After ordering we require a 50% deposit and your tent will be booked in to the production schedule. Balance payment is due prior to collection or despatch in NZ.
  • Do you have Safari Tents in stock?
    We often will have stock of Sunshine and Comet tents and delivery can be within two weeks.
  • If you do not have stock how long does it take?
    Depending on the time of year If we need to bring tents in from Holland we can sometimes have tents in NZ within 12 weeks – they hold Comet and standard Sunshine tents in stock. If there are customisations to the tent or they are not in stock in Holland this will be circa 20 weeks. We only despatch full containers. To be up and operating for the start of summer you need to have tents ordered by the end of June.
  • Finance - can I lease or "rent to buy" the tent?
    It is not possible to rent or lease luxury canvas lodges directly with us but we work with a finance house who might be able to help. Many clients find the cheapest way to approach finance is to add the tent to their mortgage.
  • Do you always supply the interior of the luxury canvas lodgers?
    We can provide as much or a little interior as you like. You can buy the tent as an empty shell and fit it out yourselves or you can buy the tent and let us fit it out based on your requirements.
  • What sort of furnishings can you supply?
    You name it we can supply it! We can supply most hard furnishing for both inside and outside the tent. These include items such as beds (single, double, bunk beds), dining room tables, chairs, benches, kitchen unit (exc cooker), shelving and many more. Please get in touch should you wish to see the full range.
  • Can i order furniture separately?
    It is possible to order your furniture from our interior styles and / or after ordering your canvas lodge.
  • Can we assemble the furniture ourselves?
    Yes you can. All furniture will come flat packed with construction instructions for each piece of furniture. We recommend when your builder puts the tent up that they use their tools to put together the furniture.
  • Can you build a Safari Tent on any type of ground or on sites with a large gradient?
    We have been building our luxury canvas lodges all over the world for more than ten years and we have experience with erecting them on many different types of soil and also on steep inclines, so a lot is possible. If you want to know if your location is suitable, please contact us for specialized advice.
  • Is there always a foundation needed to install a tent?
    Each tent needs to build onto a solid foundation. This can be done either through concrete piles or with the Stop Digging screw piles which we strongly recommend to all customers.
  • Who takes care of the construction of our Safari Tent?
    Construction of the tent is down to you. The tent comes as a complete kit with a detailed guide on how to erect it. We have several builders dotted around the country who have had experience putting the tents up and that we can recommend.
  • What fabric do you use for the tents?
    The inner tents of our lodges are made of the best quality poly-cotton canvas and polyester from our own canvas program. The fibres of polyester and cotton provide an extremely strong tent cloth that is waterproof and repels dirt and mould. Together with leading industry experts, we have developed three types of canvas: FPTC 420 fire retardant canvas, YK-48 quality canvas and FPTC 700 insulated canvas. Independent tests prove the best quality of these strong and durable materials. In addition, the canvas of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics can be used. Our canvas cloths are breathable, water-repellent, and treated against moisture and mould. The YK-48 quality canvas comes out on top in the test with the highest water resistance (500mm), mould resistance (level 0 | AATCC30-2017) and colour fastness (>GR6). In consultation, we always look for the best choice for your situation. In addition to your personal preference, this also depends on which standards apply in a country. The windows are made of three layers, consisting of a roll-up transparent and weather-resistant PVC, a mesh fabric reinforced with fibreglass and a roll-up canvas cover.
  • What wood is used pole for the tent?
    We use central and northern European pinewood for the foundation and the framing of our luxury canvas lodges. For the frame, you can choose from round wooden poles measuring 80 or 100 mm.
  • What are the end connectors of the frame made of?
    To protect the wooden frames, they are fitted with fully galvanised steel end couplings. In addition to strengthening the tough and robust appearance of our tents, it also protects the wooden poles against the weather. With this we create a very strong construction, and we extend the life of our YALA safari tents and glamping lodges.
  • How fireproof are the materials with which the tents are made?
    Our tents are made of materials that are largely flame retardant and are also certified according to European Standard (M2| B2), Australia/New Zealand Standard (1530.2-1993) BS7837-1996 and US Standard (NFPA701). In many countries it is an additional legal requirement to provide a fire extinguisher as equipment of the canvas lodge.
  • Are your tents insulated?
    Together with leading experts from the industry, after a thorough testing phase, we have developed a high-quality insulating canvas for our inner tents: YALA’s FPTC 700. The canvas consists of three different layers, the core of which is made of a hollow polyester fiber with highly insulating properties. Due to the thermal resistance level (R-value) of 4.18 K/W, the canvas can keep out both the heat and the cold, depending on a number of variables. The fire-retardant top layers make our insulation canvas unique. It is the only canvas for glamping tents with a global fire safety rating. Combine an FPTC 700 inner tent with an insulated floor for an optimal insulating effect. In addition to the options for insulation, we also recommend solutions to extend the rental season. Many of our customers' install wood-burners in their tents which helps to keep tent nice a snug during those cooler days! .
  • What snow loads can the tents withstand?
    Our tents have been proven to withstand a thick layer of snow. If there is a high chance of snow in your region, we will provide the tent frame with an extra supporting beam so that it can withstand an even greater load of snow. Snow can be removed quite easily along the sides of the smooth roofs of our luxury canvas lodges, which we recommend is done daily during extreme snowfall.
  • Does salty air affect the canvas when the tents are placed near the sea?
    When our tents are placed in locations near the sea, we advise to regularly clean the canvas of the tents and also parts such as zippers, ratchets, windows and wood that are exposed to the air. You can do this by using tap water and/or brushing the parts with a soft brush. This extends the life of the tents.
  • Can the tents withstand heavy rainfall?
    All our luxury canvas lodges can withstand heavy rain because they have a double roof, which are both waterproof. In addition to this, our canvas is water-repellent and even our windows have a unique PVC flap on the outside. This is extra protection to prevent water from entering through the mesh or the seams of the windows.
  • Can the tents withstand UV rays?
    The materials we use for our luxury canvas lodges are protected against a large amount of UV radiation. PVC is standard equipped with UV blockers to protect the properties of the material and it is therefore very resistant to UV radiation. Our canvas, both Campshield and PolyCotton KA-46, has a colour fastness of ≥ 4 according to ISO 105 B04 and is also very resistant to UV radiation.
  • How can the tents be heated during winter?
    Our tents are very suitable for winter glamping. If you also want to rent out your luxury canvas lodges in the colder periods, we recommend heating the tents with either an electric heater or by installing a wood burner. It is important that good ventilation is created through the roof of the canvas lodge. Although the materials of the luxury canvas lodges are fire retardant, we do not recommend the use of open fires because of the high risk of accidents.
  • How can you protect the tent during winter?
    If you do not use the luxury canvas lodges in winter, you can protect them with a special winter cloth. This will extend the life of your tent but it is certainly not necessary to use.
  • How do you clean the tent?
    In principle, the canvas of the luxury canvas lodges does not require regular maintenance. If there is a stain on the canvas, clean it with a soft brush or cloth and some tap water. Do not use soap, as this can affect the treatment of the canvas. If there is mud or other dirt on the canvas, wait for it to dry before removing it with a soft brush. You can wash the windows with soapy water but make sure that the soap does not get on the canvas. We can provide you our extensive "Safety, Care & Maintenance" manual upon request.
  • How do we extend the life of the tent?
    A Safari Tent from YALA does not require much maintenance but to increase the lifespan of your investment, there are a number of tips in YALA's blog that you can apply.
  • How do we deal with repairs?
    It is possible that, for example, a zipper or a strap will break. You can often carry out these repairs yourself by following the clear instructions provided. Please contact us on the rare occasion that something breaks or a hole occurs in the PVC roof or canvas and we will advise how it may be repaired.

If you can't find the answer to your questions here, please call or email us and we would be happy to help. 

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