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 Cedar Series

 built with a unique outdoor-oriented spirit 

Saunas, Showers and Hot Tubs

made in Ontario Canada by Dundalk Leisure Crafts


In 2020 we teamed up with Dundalk Leisurecraft, a family owned Canadian furniture manufacturer located in Melancthon (formerly Dundalk) Ontario to supply outdoor saunas, showers and hot tubs to the New Zealand and Pacific market.  


Dundalk prides themselves on putting quality and service into all of their products. They take an eco-friendly approach by sourcing wood from replenishing and sustainable mills that take the environment seriously.


We look forward bringing these exciting products into the Safari Tent product portfolio, all made with great care from Dundalk's skilled carpenters.

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Panoramic Barrel

View lakes, mountains or any spectualar view that is available in this innovative spaciously designed sauna made from Fully Clear Canadian Red Cedar. 

Pure Cube

A choice of two designs, one with a semi privacy panel or clear glass the Cube Saunas brings a luxurious class to modular sauna design.





Rainbow Barrel

This easy to assemble shower comes in Canadian Red Cedar that will compliment your Barrel Sauna or be a great addition to your glamping accommodation.


The Cloudburst shower is designed for the outdoors but with privacy in mind.  Made in Canadian Red Cedar this shower is built on either decking or a base.


The Sunlight shower is easy to assemble and also easy to move around.  The shower can be plugged in to a garden hose or plumbed in with hot/cold water.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Relax in a Cedar Hot Tub, also known as Japanese soaking tubs. These traditional, cooperage–style cedar tubs are hand-crafted that will stand the test of time.