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YALA_Sunshine 95_Restaurant_Interior_Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze_The Netherlands.jpg

Sunshine 95

Sunshine Restaurant

The flexibility of the Sunshine series means that the tent can be extended in increments of 2.5m to provide a structure to accommodate multiple uses. It may be you want to create a larger amount of accommodation, have a communal meeting / dining hub surrounded by smaller sleeping pods.


Larger tents have proved popular in Europe as restaurant and bar tents. If you are in a campground they make great restaurants and bars, reception areas, check-in foyers. 


In NZ our first Sunshine 95 has been installed at Basecamp at Secret Spot in Rotorua. Other uses could be wedding venues, conference facilities or tasting rooms – the possibilities are endless.

The photos below are the Sunshine 95 measuring 5.4m x 17.5m with a 20m roof serving as a bar and restaurant at a campground in The Netherlands.

  • Extendable configuration to suit 

  • Can have roll up sides as well as front/rear 

  • Sturdy and long term durability

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