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innovative designs built for outdoor living

Cedar Bathrooms

Cedar Washrooms

We offer a range of unique showers, each designed with the great outdoors in mind that are shipped in easy to assemble pre-fabricated kits.  


The shower range comes in two cedar options:

Canadian Clear Red Cedar Showers

  • Rainbow Barrel (Western Red Cedar)

  • Cloudburst (Western Red Cedar

  • Sunlight (Knotty Red Cedar)

Canadian Eastern White Cedar

  • Sierra

  • Savannah

Barrel Shower

Rainbow Barrel Shower

Canadian Clear Red Cedar

The Barrel Shower can be plumbed for hot and/or cold only. Enjoy showering outdoors where the birds are chirping, the sun is setting across the lake or ambient city sounds quietly surround you in the background!

Web_Glamping DomeWashroom-4.jpg
Cloudburst shower
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Sunlight Shower

Canadian Clear Red Cedar

The Sunlight Shower is easy to assemble, hook up and move around if needed this shower is the perfect choice by your swimming pool or hot tub to rinse off or for a quick cool down.

Web_Glamping Washroom-14.jpg
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