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The Eclipse offers your guests a lot of space and comfort and has a unique look and feel. It is the perfect luxury lodge with a spacious veranda that will elevate your resort.

The Eclipse luxury canvas lodge is available in 2 guests and a 4 guests accommodation.

We also offer our Eclipse in a plain and venue lay-out to use as a beach bar, to organise workshops or to use as a restaurant.

If you want more information about our Eclipse glamping lodge, please contact us now!

  • Adventurous and luxurious design, offering a unique accommodation option

  • Modular system for extra flexibility and a surprising look and feel

  • Sturdy masts for increased strength and a roof edge fitted with steel cable tensioning

  • Extra spacious because of its height


Eclipse features

Our high-end canvas lodges are designed by YALA's partner RAY Design.

Eclipse Layout 2.webp
Eclipse Layout 1.webp
Eclipse Layout 4.webp
Eclipse layout 3.webp
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