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Glamtainer exterior


luxury accommodation in a box


Ingenious design

Glamtainers by GlamXperience, Australia

Due to supply chain issues and cost certainty with the manufacture of the container shells we have suspended production of the Glamtainers. We hope to review this in 6 months.  

At first glance Glamtainers look like a standard 20ft or 40ft container. In fact, it all looks pretty normal until the magic happens! The side of the container has a substantial goalpost style steel framework and this engineering enables the side to open and before you know it the 20 ft container transforms in to a 26m² tiny home, sleep out, office, etc by revealing an ingenious sliding structure that is recessed in the walls of the container. The larger containers can have two slide outs and several different design permutations.  

Your Glamtainer can come finished as an air conditioned hotel-grade glamping suite / tiny home with a high-spec luxury interior with a bedroom, ensuite, kitchen and living/dining area or as an empty space to be used as you require. With the floor area of the extendable 20ft container coming in under 30m2, it means that, subject to final ratification, Glamtainers without plumbing installations can be installed under the new “exempt building work” regulations*. 

* This applies specifically to NZ, the container is already compliant with Australian code and we are currently going through that process in NZ; Pacific Island clients will need to make their own enquiries for their region. For more information click here.

Glamxperience Australia, suppliers of Glamtainers to Safari Tents NZ 

  • 20ft container expands to 26m² 

  • 40ft container sizing is also available

  • Available empty or fully fitted with all fixtures and fittings 

  • Designed to be a permanent structure but can be easily relocated

  • Option to be on or off the grid


Glamtainer Models

  • Standard 20ft container

  • Extendable 20ft container 

  • Approx weight for 20ft/Extended model 8.7 tonnes

  • Standard 40ft container

  • Extendable 40ft container (1-2 extensions)

  • Bespoke multiple container designs


A low level hinge enables the side of the container to be lowered to ground level.  The inside of this provides the flooring and the unique rail system upon which the double glazed and insulated inner box glides out.

Extendable system

Floor Plan

The Glamtainer Skylounge a fitted shower room, a kitchenette, double bed and lounge area. The bed could be designed to fold up to the wall to provide a location for an integrated dining table. The lounge seating could also include a double sofa bed.  It is also possible to create a 14m2 roof terrace on top of the container subject to installing suitable guard rails and staircase.


A bit more about containers and Glamtainers

In 1956 Malcom Mclean, an American entrepreneur, invented and patented the first intermodal shipping container, revolutionising transport and international trade.


The humble shipping container is arguably one of the most successful industrial designs of all time! It is robust and practically indestructible and is now used in multiple applications far removed from their original intended use! From household storage to container shopping malls to being used to protect roads from post-earthquake rockfalls, the uses are endless but one of the most popular uses is as a home. 


With this trend firmly established it was only a matter of time before containers met glamping and the Glamtainer was born!

By using 20-foot and 40 foot high-cube shipping containers and turning them into container homes or hotel rooms, Glamtainers provide transportable accommodation. Because the Glamtainer is purpose built and engineered it has an official CSC Safety Approval which means that unlike converted containers, Glamtainers can still be shipped all over the world making them a genuinely movable asset.

All of our Glamtainers are spray foam insulated and are compliant to Australian standards (NZ compliance in process).

Whether it is for a home, a home office, a sleep out or a new glamping venture the Glamtainer has all the bases covered.

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