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The Woody - We are offering the Woody Safari Tent in three sizes: 5m x 5m ; 5m x 7m; 5m x 9m.


The Woody, which has a beautiful sturdy wooden pole frame is constructed on a raised wooden deck with a covered verandah 2m longer than the tent itself. Verandah sizes can be extended to suit the site and requirements giving a larger shaded outdoor area.

A 5 x 5 tent can sleep 2-5 people and the 7m and 9m tents can both sleep up to 7 with the addition of the kids's cubby hole sleeping / play area.

The Woody is now also available in 5.4m width and can be extended to whatever length you need to accommodate your needs.

Also available by arrangement


The Safari Lodge - the ultimate family tent benefits from a mezzanine floor level providing bedding for four – or more if you decide to use it as a kids’ dormitory. It is possible to create at least nine full sleeping places in this exciting and luxurious safari lodge. The entire 7.65m wide veranda is covered to provide excellent indoor / outdoor covered seating / dining areas.

The Bedouin Tent – the largest tent which takes us back to the origins of tents - this is based on the original Bedouin design but adapted for use in our climate with narrow windows at the side and back of the tent and a double skin roof. With an internal area of 54m 2 the Bedouin can provide a kitchen / sitting / dining area and 3 bedrooms.

The technical stuff

Inner tent

Our preferred tent fabric is 44g/m2 which is scorch and spark resistant. This complies with European and American fire regulations (M2, B1 and CPAI-84 standard). Designed for year round use, the fabric will remain in great condition for many years. Bespoke longer inner tent sizes can be made up as required.



The inner tent hanging system is unique to our Safaritents. The inner tent has point loading so the weight is distributed via multiple fixing points across the surface of the structure. The tent is tensioned with ratchet straps.



The roof is made from especially designed UV and algae resistant green, brown or khaki PVC. Very easy to clean and flame retardant.  The roof is tensioned with ratchet straps.



The Woody frame has always been made with 80mm diameter wooden poles as standard - these are fixed in to galvanised steel connectors. For the NZ market we have developed an optional  100mm diameter frame system to give extra peace of mind in very windy areas if required.



Tents are erected on a timber platform / deck with a minimum 2m verandah. Deck size can vary to suit the site.



All tents are finished with mesh windows with a roll down clear window outside and a roll down blind inside. Extra windows and doors can be added.


Interiors and layout options

The interior offers a pole free space enabling you to sprinkle your magic - budget basic or glamping luxury!! We can help with interior design and finishes if required  – the options are endless.!

Layout possibilities - click to view 

5x5m Hotel Safari Tent with bathroom
5x7m Family Safari Tent with internal bath - sleeps 5
5x7m Family Safari Tent without bath - sleeps 5
5x9m Family Safari Tent with external bath - sleeps 6
5x9m Family Safari Tent with internal bath - sleeps 6
5.4x9m 4 Twin or Bunk Room Safari Tent – sleeps 8-16
5x9m Backpacker Safari Tent
5x7m Backpacker Safari Tent

Note: Headcounts do not allow for the use of sofa beds.

Note: Although bathrooms can be located inside the tent we recommend they are located in a separate structure outside the tent.

Material options - click to view

White Campshield Fabric Swatch
Brown PVC Roof Swatch
Khaki Campshield Fabric Swatch
Khaki PVC Roof Swatch
Dark Brown Campshield Fabric Swatch
Green PVC Roof Swatch
Light Grey Window Mesh Swatch
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5x5m Hotel Safari Tent with bathroom