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Luxury glamping tents made by Yala

Glamping Canvas Tents and Lodges

made in the Netherlands by Yala

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A stunning experience in luxury camping. That’s Yala’s promise to glamping site owners and holiday makers around the globe.

With bold innovations they lead the way in designing, developing and delivering luxurious canvas lodges - Yala’s products provide all the comforts of home, but away from it all.

Over the last 11 years, Yala have worked on more than 6,000 projects in 50 countries. They are the market leader in Europe with plans to spend the next decade expanding across the globe. YALA is setting the new benchmark for glamping around the world, creating lasting memories for adventurers.


Safari Tents NZ have represented Yala (aka Luxetenten in their previous guise) since 2015 delivering glamping dreams across New Zealand and the South Pacific region. Contact us today to see how you can be part of the journey!


Walk through the Yala Canvas Lodges showroom 

  • Eclipse

    A luxurious canvas lodge with a stylish and contemporary design that will provide the perfect getaway for your guests. It is the elongated version of our Twilight model.

  • Twilight

    Twilight sets new standards for the future of glamping and will set your site apart from the rest.

  • Comet

    Compact safari tent with plenty of space. Equipped with a kitchen and two bedrooms.

  • Sunshine

    Inspired by the original African safari tent. Available in different sizes with optional kitchen facilities.

  • Dreamer

    A choice of a spacious indoor living room or an outdoor living room. Includes kitchen facilities.

  • Stardust

    Luxurious safari tent with a double roof, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

  • Sparkle

    Simple, stylish and spacious for 1 or 2 or the elevated tent with a ‘view’ and a choice between a kitchen/bathroom.

  • Shimmer

    This is a double Junior Woody elevated to give a view - has a choice between a kitchen/bathroom.

  • Bell Tent

    Classic Bell Tent with no less than 3m of headroom. Spacious living that offers enough room for 6 people.

  • Aurora

    This truely unique and stylish glamping lodge has room for four or more people with two separate bathrooms.

  • Supernova

    This takes glamping at another level - equivalent to a five star hotel, but closer to nature built with decadence and style.

  • Restaurant Tent

    The flexibility of the Sunshine (formerly Woody Safari) means that the tent can be extended to accommodate restaurants, bars, venues or conference facilities.

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